Introduction to basketry – Making a garden basket

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How exactly do you weave a basket? What are the gestures and techniques to make a well-finished basket that will stand the test of time?

Fabienne Clément, basketry craftswoman, will help you to make a basket ideal for the garden, or for picnics in the park.

Perfect as an introduction or as a gift, this 3-hour class will allow you to discover the secrets of rattan tightening. We will learn the technique of continuous weaving with an airy braided base. We will see how to finish your basket with a border and insert a wooden handle.

Dimensions: 15″ x 7″ x 6″ (38cm x 18cm x 15cm) (handle not included)

Price includes all materials and tools needed, plus Fabienne’s great advice!

NB: the workshop time is indicative, and it may take longer for some participants. We, therefore, recommend that you do not schedule an appointment right after!

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4 September 2021

Tout était très bien !


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  • Wednesday, February 22 10:00 am
    Location: Little Italy Duration: 3:00 Language: French