Make a cutting board

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How do you go from a piece of raw wood to a beautiful finished object? How do you glue raw wood and then cut it to create the desired shape?

You will discover exactly that during this fun workshop. You’ll acquire woodworking skills whilst learning how to make a cutting board, that you can personalize to your own tastes (wood type, size, shape …).

You will learn how to glue solid wood, how to plane an object, make holes, round the edges with a router, cut with a band saw, sand perfectly and protect our creation on the long term!

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to all!

The price includes wood (maple, cherry, walnut…), tools and lots of advice.

Past makers' reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 23 reviews)
4 April 2024

Raymond maîtrisait parfaitement ce qu’il enseignait et il était toujours disponible pour répondre à nos questions ainsi que pour nous aider. C’était une expérience géniale!

28 March 2024

Explications claires, initiation rapide aux outils, environnement d’apprentissage chaleureux et inclusif.

28 March 2024

The teacher was very clear and nice. It was fun to use the tools on our own but with support. It was good to be able to choose our own wood and make our own design. I’m proud of the board!

23 March 2024

Premier atelier aux Affûtés pour moi. Quelle belle découverte ! Apprendre à utiliser tant de machines différentes, tout en exerçant sa créativité, voilà de quoi passer un moment très agréable ! Merci à Raymond pour ses explications très claires, sa pédagogie et sa patience. Je reviendrai avec plaisir !

Laura V.
23 March 2024

The welcoming atmosphere, Nicole was very good at explaining & being patient with us and went step by step in teaching us the skills

12 August 2023

Bon encadrement de la part de l’affûteur. Il donnait de bonnes explications et nous laissait une bonne autonomie tout au long de l’activité.


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