Make 3 hair care products

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Is your hair unruly and needs to be tamed? Or would you just like to take care of it in a natural and ecological way?

During this 3-hour workshop, you will cover the basics of making solid haircare products and a creamy conditioner! You will learn all about the properties of the different raw materials used in the fabrication of natural products and will discover which oils and vegetable butters to choose from according to the nature of your hair.

Everyone will leave with several personalized products adapted to their hair: 3 solid pre-shampoo treatments to melt, a 150g creamy conditioner and a styling wax.

Skills required: none, except for wanting a healthy head of hair.

The price includes all the necessary equipment, recipes and tips on how to do your own hair care!

PS: remember to bring a small container for your products.

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