Make your own cocooning body products

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Would you like to learn how to make homemade cosmetics and body care products? You want to multiply your cocooning sessions with the arrival of winter?

This workshop is for you! In 3 hours, Marie will accompany us in the making of three natural cosmetic products, to take care of yourself this winter! According to each person’s preferences, we will make the ideal kit that will follow us everywhere during the cocooning season!

  • a whipped and scented body butter,
  • a foaming face or body scrub gel (your choice),
  • a scented lip balm or a decongestant balm (your choice)

We will discover the different properties of the raw materials, as well as their various uses, according to the types of skins and the products manufactured. We will learn about vegetable oils and butters; surfactants; exfoliants; cosmetic actives; waxes; essential oils and aromatic essences.

Everyone will leave with 3 products in reusable containers and the recipes to reproduce them at home.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to all those who like to take care of themselves!

The price includes all necessary materials and lots of advice.

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