Make your own seeded paper

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Would you like to make your own eco-friendly Christmas cards? Are you wondering how a piece of paper can turn into flowers?

In this 3-hour workshop, you will learn how to make seeded paper. From assembling the screen to pressing the sheet, making the pulp, and inlaying the seeds, you will discover all the steps to create recycled, zero waste, biodegradable paper that will blossom into flowers!

How does it work? After using the seeded leaves as greeting cards, Christmas cards, gift wrap, labels, business cards, or notes, simply plant the paper in a pot or planter. Once planted, the paper will compost and release the seeds that will grow into flowers.

There will be several types of seeds to choose from to make paper during the workshop and everyone will leave with their own sieve, to make more and more!

Skills required: none, except maybe a green thumb and a love of giving beautiful cards.

The price includes all the necessary materials and the pleasure of having a lot of paper pulp between your fingers!

PS: If you come with a child, it is important to write to us to check availability and validate your registration.

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