Introduction to Interior Design: Trends, Styles and Atmospheres

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Would you like to learn about different styles to determine your own? Do you like to discover current trends while making judicious choices that suit your tastes, so you can live in an environment with a timeless look? Are you wondering how to change the ambiance of a room or add a touch of modernity and freshness without changing everything?

In this 3-hour workshop, interior designer Nico will share his tips for developing a meticulous instinct and help you make informed choices. We’ll discuss contrasts, textures and the right lighting, as well as the more subtle decorative touches that add personality and boldness!

Over tea or coffee, we’ll share tips on how to complement, accentuate and energize your home with visual effects. The workshop is mostly theoretical, but includes a period of practice to let you play with colors and materials, develop your own ideas and benefit from Nico’s on-site advice.

Skills required: none, the workshop is open to all!

Price includes all materials and professional advice.

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