Labo-Fûtés – Electro repair – Free project

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Required skills: you must have already attended a workshop on the basics of repairing small appliances and know how to use a multimeter (we will not go over the basics of the discipline).

The Labo-Fûtés, are workshops of restricted group, to be able to go further in its project, while benefitting from a personalized accompaniment, thanks to the expertise of our Sharpeners.

In this lab, limited to 4 participants, Maxime, our expert in small appliance repair, will be there to guide you in your project.

To attend this lab, you will need to bring a broken or defective appliance or any other item that requires the supervision of an electromechanic.

The tools will be provided to you, but note that we do not provide spare parts.

It will be possible for you to stay longer on site if needed, to use the tools independently (9$/h).

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