Discover woodworking – Make a lamp

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How do I make a beautiful solid wood assembly? What tools should I use to machine my piece of wood and turn it into a stylish object?

In this 3-hour workshop, led by Romain, you’ll learn basic woodworking techniques while making a floor lamp!

We’ll learn how to use a variety of machines, both portable and stationary, such as :

Column drill
Bench saw
Portable orbital sander
Japanese saw
Under-table router/Affleureuses (one-handed router)

In the course of the workshop, you’ll learn different techniques for creating a custom-designed lamp to brighten up your apartment and give it a cosy look.

Lamp dimensions: 10” x 3”1/5 x 14”.

Skills required: none, but all are welcome!

Price includes all materials (wood, lighting kit) and expert advice…

NB: The bulb is not included, and the style and color of the lighting cable may vary according to the supply from our suppliers.

Past makers' reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
28 February 2024

J’ai tout aimé! Avoir la possibilité de créer soit même un produit, c’est si satisfaisant. Les explications étaient claires. On se sent en confiance.

Benjamin Bouillet
27 January 2024

Avoir sincèrement le sentiment d’avoir réussi par moi-même! Les explications et l’accompagnement de Romain était parfait (clair, me laisse faire, patient)

4 December 2021

C’était parfait !

2 July 2021

Adeline Langlois
4 May 2021

J’ai vraiment apprécié mon expérience et je reviendrais très vite !


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