Introduction to Tufting – How to make a carpet

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Would you like to learn how to make a rug? Would you like to put your feet up on something cozy?

In two 3-hour sessions, textile design expert Emilie will explain the basics of tufting, while you make your own personalized rug.

You’ll learn how to thread and handle the tufting gun, make straight lines as well as curves to reproduce a pattern or image of your choice from our available visuals. You’ll then clean up your lines with a wool razor to come define and even out your creation.

You’ll be able to select your wool colors from our inventory made available especially for the course.

We provide a choice of designs to create your rug, but if you have a specific idea and want to make your own image, you can trace it freehand on the day of the class or in advance on paper/cardboard up to a maximum size of 20″ x 20″. You can then glue it to the back of the canvas to come and transfer your design onto it. Please note: The image you trace on your canvas will be reversed on the front side of the rug, as we always work on the back of the canvas. If you’re planning lettering, remember to write it reversed on your paper.

Skills required: none, this workshop is suitable for beginners.

Maximum size of practice frame: 2 feet X 2 feet (final size will vary according to the design chosen).

Price includes tools, wool, felt, glue and expert tufting advice.


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:danger: INTENSIVE sessions (2 sessions of 3 hours, each on the same day) – Remember to bring your lunch!

  • – Those starting at 10 a.m. will take place on the same day from 10 am to 1pm and 2pm to 5 pm.
  • – Those starting at 2 p.m. will take place on the same day from 2 pm to 5pm and 6pm to 9 pm.

Past makers' reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)
28 March 2024

Faire quelque chose qui sort de mon quotidien, avec une amie en plus, et repartir avec un super beau projet que je suis fière d’installer chez moi !

25 March 2024

Émilie était géniale et l’atelier super agréable. Ce médium est beaucoup plus accessible que je pensais et vraiment satisfaisant à réaliser comme projet. J’ai passé une belle journée et j’ai hâte de revenir faire un autre atelier !

28 February 2024

La découverte d’un nouveau savoir faire, la bienveillance de la professeure, les locaux <3

16 February 2024

The teacher is really great. Because of her I chose to take another of her classes. She explained everything well, even though it was the first English class. She’s very encouraging and answers many questions. Each part was explained and I’m glad we got to learn about the gluing process

10 February 2024

Explications claires!

On s’est mis en action rapidement

13 January 2024

La formatrice était très compétente et patiente.Elle avait une approche d’ouverture et d’acceptation des différents niveaux d’habiletés de chacun et de créativité. Elle encourageait et aidait. La formation bien structurée. L’espace physique était très bien et l’environnement agréable. J’ai beaucoup aimé mon atelier!


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