Learn to sharpen chisels, planes and scraper blades

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Do you love working with wood? Have you always wanted to create beautiful shavings with your plane, or give new life to an old wood chisel lying around?

In this 3-hour workshop, Diana will teach you how to properly sharpen your chisels, planes and scraper blades. We’ll discover the anatomy of a chisel or plane, the tool’s angles of attack, the bevel and the morfil. We’ll then look at appropriate sharpening methods, so you can fully appreciate the joys of woodworking with hand tools!

Various tools will be used, including bench grinders, diamond stones, water stones and leather polishers. Because there’s nothing more satisfying for wood lovers than the sound of a chisel or plane effortlessly loosening thin shavings, leaving behind a smooth, clean surface…

Don’t forget to bring your wood chisels, plane or scraper blades to sharpen during the workshop!

Skills required: none, apart from a love of using your hands!

The price includes all necessary materials and lots of professional advice.

Past makers' reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)
16 December 2023

Très bon atelier. Merci Diana! J’ai beaucoup appris.

2 December 2023

L’expertise de celle qui donnait l’atelier, la possibilité de poser beaucoup de questions, la pertinence du contenu, super concret et pratico-pratique ! Je suis enchantée!


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