Make your own sweatshirt

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Do you want to proudly wear a beautiful cotton fleece, like our friends at Bleu Jeans Bleu? Would you like to learn how to create such a piece yourself?

This 3.5-hour workshop will be the opportunity to make a warm and comfortable cotton fleece. You will learn all the basics of sewing: the different stitches to assemble, making a sleeve, and  sewing a ribbed band.

Skills required: none, this workshop is open to all!

The price includes all necessary materials and a lot of valuable tips!

NB: The workshop time is indicative, and it may take longer for some participants. We, therefore, recommend that you do not schedule an appointment right afterward!

Past makers' reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)
4 April 2024

Kat was extremely knowledgable and welcoming. I learned so much, and was able to improve a sample piece I am working on. I would book a class with Kat in the future.

23 March 2024

I loved how much i managed to learn in only 3.5 hours. I left feeling like I know how to properly use the sewing machine. Max was also a very helpful and patient teacher! I loved leaving the workshop with something I created.

13 January 2024

La bonne humeur, l’installation, les explications complètes, l’appui pendant l’atelier, les équipements de qualité. Tout était A1 !

Hélène G
4 March 2023

J’ai beaucoup apprécié la patience de Cécile, ce n’est pas évident de guider un groupe de débutants et elle est restée après la fin pour s’assurer que tout le monde avait fini. J’aime aussi beaucoup la qualité du chandail que j’ai fait, j’en suis très fière!

14 December 2022

j’ai apprécié l’ambiance générale et comment Ann-Sophie a su nous mettre à l’aise. Je n’avais pas vraiment d’expérience et malgré tout j’ai réussi à faire un beau coton ouaté.

16 November 2022

I had such a great time in this workshop. Ann-Sophie is a wonderful teacher, helpful, entertaining, and really good at what she does. I learned so much!


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$89 + txs
  • 12 years old minimum
    Sunday, May 19 2:00 pm
    Location: Village Duration: 3:30 Language: French
  • 12 years old minimum
    Monday, May 27 6:00 pm
    Location: Little Italy Duration: 3:30 Language: French
  • 12 years old minimum
    Sunday, June 2 1:00 pm
    Location: Village Duration: 3:30 Language: English