Make your own set of travel kits

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Would you like to restore order in your suitcase? Would you like to learn to sew by making a practical, must-have item?

In this 3 hour workshop, Adam will show you how to make a set of 3 all-purpose kits to organize your belongings in style! We’ll make one large and two smaller kits, which can hold toiletries, makeup, pencils, brushes, chargers and headphones, snacks… Or any other essential travel items.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of the sewing machine and how to trim fabric, how to attach a zipper with a sewing foot, how to work with a non-extensible material, and how to create a complex volume.

Everyone will have the choice of several colors and the possibility to combine different colors.

Skills required: none, except having stuff to put away!

Price includes all materials and valuable advice (on sewing, not organization!)

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