Carve your own wooden paddle

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Are you a water sports enthusiast who would like to make your own wooden paddle? Do you want to discover wood carving and create a useful and personalized object?

This training course in two 3-hour sessions, led by Laurence, workshop leader and big fan of canoeing, is made for you! Starting with a solid wood board and using hand tools, you will begin making a personalized paddle.

The first session will allow you to learn about the different types of wood, as well as create the template of your own paddle with machines such as the band saw, the router and the sandblaster. The second session will be the time to bring your paddle to life by discovering various wood carving techniques! We will use hand tools such as the rasp, to quickly remove material; the plane, to smooth out surfaces and make a nice pile of wood shavings; then the vastringue and the sandblaster to carve the curved parts and add the finishing touches.

Everyone will have the choice between two types of wood, cherry or pine, depending on the desired use and result.

Skills required: previous woodworking experience and willingness to make a physical effort!

The price includes all the necessary material, precious advice (in sculpture, not in navigation) and 4 hours of autonomy to come and work on the project outside the scheduled sessions.


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:danger: INTENSIVE sessions (2 sessions of 3 hours, each on the same day) – Remember to bring your lunch!

  • – Starts on Thursday, July 25th from 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 9 pm.

Past makers' reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)
28 October 2023

Nous n’étions que 4, ce qui est un avantage. Très bonne prof, et matériel de qualité.

4 August 2023

J’ai plus qu’adoré mon atelier avec Laurence. 6 Heures de rabot qui ont fait mes bras, mais le résultat est tellement nice qu’on oublie vite le fait de travailler fort! Il ne me reste “plus qu’à” construire le canot qui va avec ? à quand cet atelier les Affûtés?? Merci encore pour tout ce que vous faites!

4 August 2023

J’apprécie d’avoir pu apprendre dans un cadre qui met a l’aise et qui a tous les outils pour nous aider.

8 July 2023

Un bel exemple d’économie circulaire qui fait ma joie! Bientôt, je me promènerai en canot en utilisant ma propre pagaie!


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