Wood training – Making a child’s learning tower

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Do you have a curious little one who is always trying to figure out what’s going on at the kitchen counter? Would you like to learn about woodworking by making an educational object?

During this 6-hour training session (2 x 3 hours), Laurence will accompany you in the creation of an evolving learning tower for your little one, so that they too can get their hands dirty! This observation tower, approved by the Montessori method, allows children to reach the height of a work surface and to participate fully in daily activities at our side

You will learn the basics of woodworking using various machines: mitre saw, band saw, drill press, and sanding station. You will also learn a screw assembly technique with the Kreg jointing system.

Everyone will leave with a solid and safe piece of furniture that will promote your child’s development and independence through all stages of their growth.

Skills required: none, not even having a child.

The price includes all the necessary materials and a lot of professional advice!

The March 28 training sessions will take place on the same day: Tuesday, March 28, from 2pm to 5pm and from 6pm to 9pm. Don’t forget your lunch!

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