Woodturning training – Turning a bowl and a soup plate

Would you like to discover the art of woodturning? Do you want to make useful objects that will impress your friends?

During this full day training (6 hours), we will discover the basics of woodturning. Chloé, a cabinetmaker and passionate woodturner, will teach us the ABCs of chuck turning: roughing, hollowing, profiling and sanding. We will learn about the wood lathe and its tools by making a small bowl and a soup plate!

Skills required: none, except the desire to discover this super zen discipline of woodworking.

Price includes materials, lots of pro tips and plenty of wood chips!

Note: we will take a 30 minute break in the middle of the day. Don’t forget to take your lunch!

$165 + txs
6 slots left
Location Village Language French Level Beginner Category Duration 6:30
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