Introduction to Arduino – Creating an automated system

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Would you like to learn how to use small interactive objects? You are not diligent enough in watering your plants?

In this 3-hour workshop led by Maxime, we will learn how to program an automatic watering device for plants.

This introduction to the functioning of an Arduino, will be an opportunity to understand how a microcontroller works, as well as the use of an analog signal coming from a sensor.

In this system, a sensor measures the moisture content of the soil and automatically activates the water pump, to provide water to the plant when it needs it. When the plant has had enough water, the pump stops automatically.

Skills required: None, except for being curious and interested in electronic workings.
What to bring: You can come with your computer (not compulsory, but recommended) with the free software below, downloaded beforehand:

The price includes the tools and good advice from Maxime. The humidity sensor kits are provided for learning purposes and will not be given away at the end of the workshop. However, you will leave with an already programmed Arduino chip and all the knowledge you need to practice on new projects at home.

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