Create your entrance tray in solid wood

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Is your pocket overflowing with too much stuff? You would like to make a piece of furniture to store your keys, your wallet, your letters and your mask?

During this 3-hour workshop, Quentin will help you create a beautiful and practical piece of furniture to install in your entryway. To realize this beautiful project, we will use Montreal ash for the shelf, walnut and oak for the details.

This workshop will be an opportunity to use different machines and tools such as: drill press, hand drills, mitre saw, saw bench with a dado blade, and sanding stations.

You will also see different techniques such as, assembly, grooving and blind fastening.

Skills required: none, except for wanting a nice tidy entrance 🙂

Cabinet dimensions (H x L x W): 22 “x8 “x4.5”

Price includes all materials and lots of woodworking tips!

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$73 + txs
  • Saturday, February 12 10:00 am
    Location: Little ItalyDuration: 3:00Language: French