And here we go with a new project, the Garage!

We’ve been wanting to do some welding for a while. You ask us. But metal and wood don’t mix. And we didn’t have a welder in our happy team of Sharpeners. So we waited, waiting for the right time, the right person and the right place.

And so did the mechanics and bodywork. We tried to organise it outside our premises, but this proved complicated (insurance, type of premises, subletting, etc.). And we had the same problem of not having many people with expertise in these areas.


But things have changed in recent months. Firstly with the arrival of Morgane, a mechanic by training, who has started to give workshops and courses on vans, and knows everything about mechanics. And then with the arrival of Bruno, a young retiree with a great experience in welding, who offered to help us build the welding activity together.

When you have such a great team around the table, it makes you want to do things, so we looked for a place to test these new manual subjects! And we quickly found a place, perfectly adapted and available for 2 to 3 years, to test these new manual worlds.

The place is located at 7211 Alexandra Street, at the intersection of Jean-Talon and Alexandra, near the Parc and Castelnau metro stations.

The first workshops are scheduled to start on August 29th! You’ll find them here:


Finally, a word to thank you: all this is possible thanks to you. Thanks to your ideas, because you have given us your desires in these new fields. Thanks to your presence, pandemic or not, inflation or not, heat stroke or not. You are there, the Affûtés live thanks to you, and we can thus dare new ideas like this garage. Long live you, sharp friends!

The Covid measures have changed a bit as we enter the end of 2021, and we are now subject to the vaccine passport. Here’s how it will work.


The vaccination passport will be requested from participants in group workshops and from users in autonomy from Monday 20th December 2021.

Cancelation or modification

If you do not have the vaccination passport, simply contact us. We will create a credit code for you for the value of your workshop, with no time limit on its use, or if you prefer, you will be reimbursed the amount of the workshop. For the first 2 weeks, this applies even if you are less than 48 hours before a workshop.

And we hope to be able to welcome everyone again soon after this period.


At les Affûtés, you can exchange at no charge, up to 48 hours before the workshop starts, to register for a later date, if the workshop is reorganized, or to register for another workshop. We then create a credit, valid on any future workshop or activity.

Later than 48 hours before the workshop starts, the sale is final.

We have set this 48-hour limit because we unfortunately cannot find a replacement within 48 hours, and the trainers have already bought all the materials for those who have registered by that time.


You can also cancel your participation in a workshop up to 48 hours before the workshop starts and get reimbursed. The only charge, if payment was made online, is the credit card payment fee (3%) which is unfortunately kept by Visa and Mastercard. Later than 48 hours before the workshop starts, the sale is final.

If you are less than 48 hours away from a workshop, the best solution to avoid losing your registration is to offer your place to someone close to you.

Gift cards

Gift cards (and credit codes created after an exchange) do not have a validity date, but cannot be exchanged or refunded. However, like workshop registrations, they can be passed on to a loved one!

Postponement of a workshop

Unfortunately, we sometimes have to postpone or cancel a workshop (ill teacher, insufficient number of participants, power failure…). We always try to give as much notice as possible, and in these cases it is of course possible to get a credit or a full refund, depending on your preference.


Unfortunately, many safety instructions are given at the beginning of the workshop. We can’t accept a late arrival, for security reasons, and the registration is then lost. So run fast :).