Cooking – Mastering basic sauces: béchamel, mornay, brown sauce

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Are you ready to make your pans sing and reveal the mysteries of the sauces that transcend your homemade dishes? Do you want to please your boyfriend or girlfriend and prove that you can make something other than pasta?

In this 3-hour culinary workshop, we dive into the art of sauces with mastery. Using a saucepan, a wooden spoon and a whisk, you’ll learn how to make béchamel, mornay and brown sauces. Three essential recipes that will turn you into a chef!

We’ll explore subtle techniques for making basic sauces. From the nuances of roux for béchamel to the art of marrying cheeses for mornay and the magic of reduction for brown sauce. We’ll also discuss the importance of each gesture in achieving the perfect consistency.

Skills required: None! This workshop is suitable for all levels. The essential ingredient is culinary curiosity and the desire to explore new flavors.

Price includes all necessary materials, kitchen equipment and raw materials.

Cooking workshops are held in the kitchen of the Centre de Ressources et d’Action Communautaire de la Petite-Patrie (CRACPP), at the corner of Drolet and Bélanger streets. We’ll let you know the exact address once you’ve registered.

Note: remember to bring your own containers so you can leave with the products you’ve made.

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